Workshop " Current Topics in Nano Simulations (CT-NanoSim2014) on 10. March at U Tsukuba "

(This page is updated at 7. Mar. 2014 for the titles of talks and the URL of speakers)

We would like to draw your attention to the forthcoming workshop held on 10. March 2014 at the University of Tsukuba: Latest information:

Note : The workshop is a satellite of the following conference:
"International Workshop on Eigenvalue Problems: Algorithms; Software and Applications, in Petascale Computing (EPASA2014)" [March 7-9, 2014] Tsukuba International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA,Tsukuba-city,Japan
sponsored by the JST-CREST project of "Development of an Eigen-Supercomputing Engine using a Post-Petascale Hierarchical Model"

This page is written b Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University)