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The Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics was established in April, 1995 with the aim of producing highly promising and competent persons who have enough and profound knowledge of basic subjects of engineering. The department, therefore, provides the students with basic-oriented education by putting more emphasis on applied mathematics, physics, mechanics and computer-handling of high level than any other departments so that they become competent enough in any field of engineering to pursue their goals towards the development of the innovative technology of new generation, the technology of high standard and of high amiability to environment. The curriculum provided by this department covers most of the basic subjects in the fields of mechanics, aeronautics, electronics and so forth. The lectures, some of them in English, are given by professors and associate professors, competent staffs who are highly active and well known in their international academic circles.

The department has two divions, Physical Mechanics and Applied Mechanics, each of which consists of several major research groups. These two sections are mutually supporting through their close contact and exchanges of knowledge and information on seeds to technology and needs from technology. All the students at the final year are required to choose one of the research groups to join and start with their own theses for graduation under the supervision of the staff of the group. After the completion of four year's required course, students may either enter the graduate course for further study or find challenging jobs in engineering fields of various kind, such as mechanical, aeronautical, astronautical, information, electronics and so on, which are supporting the key industries of the nation.

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